Presidential Prank of the Day

President Obama pranks Trip Director Marvin Nicholson by placing his toe on the scale while the latter weighs himself in the volleyball locker room at the University of Texas in Austin.

Geeky Gag of the Day

“Inception explained for Mac users.”

The pinwheel wouldn’t stop spinning so I Force Quit myself awake.

This Is Epic, You Should Watch This of the Day

The launch of STS-124 — an S.S. Discovery delivery mission to the ISS — as seen from the POV of a solid rocket booster. The real fun starts at 1:54 when the boosters break away and begin their Earthbound descent.

Source: pbs

Photo of the Day

Legendary sci-fi/fantasy writer Ray Bradbury watching Rachel Bloom’s now-infamous musical number, “Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury.”

This is quite possibly the greatest thing that has happened since things started happening.

Method Actor of the Day

50 Cent lost 60 pounds to play a cancer-stricken football player in a Mario van Peebles film, your argument is invalid.

In-Depth Exposé of the Day

San Antonio’s KENS 5 Eyewitness News intrepidly investigates a local pack of “teen werewolves.”

This is some Woodward and Bernstein-caliber shit right here.


Unsportsmanlike Conduct of the Day

Unsportsmanlike Conduct of the Day: A rain delay ahead of last weekend’s baseball game between Western Kentucky and Florida Atlantic afforded the two teams an opportunity to put on an entirely different show, complete with skits, dance-offs, an a faux-wrestling match.

Some baseball was eventually played, but it’s rather doubtful anyone cared.

Obligatory of the Day

The inevitable “dog tests the iPad” chaser you knew was coming is now here.

Unlike Iggy, however, Chloe the Corgi isn’t as impressed by the iPad’s ability to perform dark musical magic.

Music Video of the Day

Armed with a bushel of iPhones, a sweet soundtrack, and the human app known as imagination, Israeli indie rock band IZABO set out to film a music video for their latest single, “On My Way.” It just so happens that somewhere along that way, they inadvertently produced the most creative Apple viral video of the year.