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When Celebrities Allegedly Attack of the Day

Lost actor Matthew Fox may wish he had a magical island to disappear to after he was arrested early this morning for allegedly punching a female bus driver twice because she wouldn’t let him board.

According to a police report, Fox asked the 29-year-old driver for a ride back to his hotel, but she refused, telling him the bus had been rented out to a private party. Fox then allegedly struck the woman in the chest and stomach before she retaliated by punching him in the mouth — a strike which reportedly broke her hand.

The actor, who is currently shooting World War Z, was released to a friend and returned to his hotel. The incident is currently being investigated; a rep for Fox has yet to issue a statement.

Morning Fluff

Soft kitty / Warm kitty / little ball of fur / Happy kitty / sleepy kitty / purr, purr, etc.

Social Alarm Clock of the Day

TalkO’Clock is a new social network that invites users to offer their wake-up call services to complete strangers, and vice versa.

Just type in your number, plug in the time you’d like to be called, choose the gender of the caller, and go to sleep.

What could possibly go wrong?

They Don’t Shoot Bullies of the Day

Jennifer McKendrick (AKA Jen McKen), a self-employed photographer from Pennsylvania, recently came across a Facebook page created by a number of teenage girls as a sort of “Burn Book” for the purposes of “say[ing] mean and hurtful things about their class mates.”

“It was beyond ‘your clothes are ugly’ or ‘you don’t have any brand clothes’ or ‘you are ugly, your hair is not right,” she told 6 News. “It was vicious. It was talking about sexuality.”

McKendrick recognized some of these girls as clients who had senior picture photoshoots scheduled with her. She promptly sent those girls (and their parents) an email letting them know that she will not be able to proceed with the sessions.

“[H]ow I could spend 2 hours with someone during our session trying to take beautiful photos of them knowing they could do such UGLY things,” she wrote on her blog. “Realistically, I know by canceling their shoots it’s not going to make them ‘nicer people’ but I refuse to let people like that represent my business.”

McKendrick says she’s received emails back from two of the girls’ parents, expressing shock at their daughters’ actions and apologizing for their behavior. “So far I haven’t received any backlash but I’m ready for it,” says McKen, who understands that this decision may affect her business.

But her new policy stands, cemented with a powerful motto: “If you are ugly on the inside, I’m sorry but I won’t take your photos to make you look pretty on the outside.”

The Truth Is Behind There of the Day

Is that an alien spacecraft zipping across the sky behind Labour MP Tom Watson? Of course it is, what else could it be? A bird? A plane? Some other logical explanation?

That’s crazy talk.

Nut Shot of the Day

A man in Chandler, Arizona, accidentally shot off his own manhood with his girlfriend’s pink pistol.

A local news outfit hit the parking lot where the incident took place to ask random guys what they thought. (Spoiler Alert: They did not care for it.)

This x That of the Day

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  • RIP: Rudolf Brazda, last surviving “pink triangle” prisoner, dead at 98. Also: Grease actress Annette Charles, at 63. And: Author Leslie Esdaile Banks, at 51.

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