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WTF of the Day: Swedish Kids’ Song About Sex Organs is Super Catchy

A cartoon penis and vagina are taking Sweden by storm.

This music video for kids is supposed to teach them about the human body, particularly male and female genetalia.

In it, the animated characters dance around with hats, canes and microphones.The song also actually really catchy too – even if you can’t understand the lyrics – which roughly translate to phrases like “here comes the penis at full pace,” and “the vagina is cool, you better believe it.”

The video was created by Swedish Public Television for a children’s show called Bacillakuten, and it was posted to their Facebook page last week where it has over 1 million views and some complaints from angry parents.

“The song is deplorable and unacceptable for children,” said one commenter.

“Yes why not talk about these body parts in a good and funny way!!” wrote another in support of he video.

The show isn’t phased by the critics, however, and thinks the message behind it is all that matters.

“Although we received some criticism, we are very, very happy today, because the impact of the video is awesome!” said a rep for the show.

Via: The Local