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Toy of the Day: You Can Now Buy an Action Figure of Vladimir Putin Riding a Bear

Meanwhile in Russia… you can now own an action figure of your favorite Russian president Vladimir Putin, shirtless and riding a bear.


Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty correspondent Robert Coalson tweeted the strange image this weekend.

“For sale at the Ismailovo market in Moscow,” he wrote.

You can also purchase the polyresin figure at this website, and it appears to be on sale for just 2500 Rubles (about $38).

Here’s the description of the item from the site, via Google Translate:

Luxurious Figurine as the head of state who tamed forest brown bear standing on a segment of a great country, symbolizes the victory, the heroic strength and power. Bear has long been considered a symbol of immense Russia, represents courage, strength, courage and rage directed against enemies – this beast could not be better reflects the position of the nation and its principles.

There have been other Putin action figures available in the past, like this one of him giving a speech at a podium (boring).

Joke or not, Coalson is noticing a lot of interest from people about the item on his Twitter account.

There are a number of photoshopped images of the Russian president riding various wild beasts, including a shark, but this figure seems to be based off this one.

In Russia, you is on joke.