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News Raider of the Day

I don’t know what this gentleman is being interviewed about, but I’d watch a two-hour primetime special on the guy who interrupts him.

Laughing To Keep From Crying of the Day

Comedian Eugene Mirman (of Delocated/Bob’s Burgers fame) reads aloud a full page ad he recently ran in New York Press and elsewhere excoriating Time Warner Cable for being the worst.

Funtivity: Replace “Time Warner Cable” with the cable company of your choice and the crux of his message magically remains relevant.

Background starts @ 3:13; letter recital starts @ 4:38.

OMG! Adorbz of the Day

Little Miles panics a bit after losing his brand new camera during a sled ride.

Awwwwlarity ensues.

This Is Funny, You Should Watch It of the Day

This Is Funny, You Should Watch It of the Day: Sesame Streets newest talk show, Conversations With Bert, hosts actor, comedian, filmmaker, esteemed Leo, haiku lover, pancake visionary, and all-around groovy guy Andy Samberg.

Source: THD

Look At This Planking Dog of the Day

Say Redditor rorykins: “I think my dog is a cat.”

Responds Redditor andeegal126: “No…he/she is just pioneering Dog planking. Way ahead of the curve, you should be proud.”


Counterprotest of the Day

Comedy’s Lovable Queen of Mean Lisa Lampanelli made good on her promise to donate $1,000 to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis for every Westboro Baptist Church member who showed up to protest her recent stand-up show in Topeka, taking to Twitter after the show to say “Thanks to these a-holes, $44,000 will be donated to the GMHC!!!”

She later bumped it up by $6k, tweeting “WBC inbreds counted 48 protesters, so I won’t quibble. I’ll make it an even $50,000!!!”

Best part? The donation will be made in the hate group’s name. Thanks WBC!

Kinky Links

Kinky Links:

[“This is what a second grader said to my friend” via reddit]

This Day In History of the Day

On May 17, 1861 — exactly 150 years ago — Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell and photographer Thomas Sutton (who invented the SLR camera that same year) used three projectors fitted with red, green, and blue filters to combine three black-and-white photos of a tartan ribbon shot through similar filters, thereby forming the world’s first color photo (above) and, consequently, the “basis of nearly all subsequent photochemical and electronic methods of colour photography.”


Twitpics of the Day

The moment Will Ferrell’s porn-stache hit the big screen seven years ago, adult film magnates everywhere must have known that Anchorman was primed for a porn spoof. (Why it’s taken this long to make, however, is beyond us — perhaps the porn parody phenomenon wasn’t quite in full swing by 2004.)

Yesterday, smut veteran Jack Lawrence tweeted that principal photography has begun on New Sensations’ Anchorman XXX: A Porn Parody, and he’s taking on the titular role.

See another Twitpic from the set of Anchorman XXX after the jump.


Counter-Strike Bin Laden Compound Map of the Day

Counter-Strike Bin Laden Compound Map of the Day: A multiplayer map based on the dimensions of Osama Bin Ladens Abbottabad compound has been created using Counter-Strike: Source.

Available for free download, it can be used as a base for a bomb or hostage map at a later stage.

More images of the map after the jump.

Source: Kotaku

Laden 2 Laden 3 Laden 4

This x That

This x That:

Know This:

  • Woman who says she was raped by Gadhafi forces flees Libya.
  • RIP: Dana Wynter, Invasion of the Body Snatchers actress, dead at 79; playwright Doric Wilson, at 72; actress Sada Thompson, at 81; playboy Gunter Sachs, at 78.

Read This:

  • Time zone change will separate Samoa and American Samoa by a whole day.

Look At / Listen To This:

  • First Listen: Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s The Book Of Mormon, original cast recording.
  • Republican Rep. Aaron Schock exposes his torso to the public — on purpose.

The Other:

So This Happened of the Day: Can you smell it?

So This Happened of the Day: Can you smell it? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is officially back at WWE after seven years away, making his triumphant return on last night’s Raw, where he announced that the rumors were true — he will in fact be hosting Wrestlemania 27.

“I am back in this ring…[and] I am never ever going away.”


LEGIT CHILLS, YOU GUYS. My 12 year old self is weeping.

UPDATE: And here was his dramatic entrance…