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Life-Altering Traffic Light Design Concept of the Day

Life-Altering Traffic Light Design Concept of the Day: While incredibly strightfoward in its benefit over the existing arrangement, Thanva Tivawongs Sand Glass LED traffic light design has gone incredibly unrealized since I first found out about it five minutes ago.

Get to it, traffic light people!

Source: Yanko

Signal 2 Signal 3

Slight Overreaction of the Day

Cornell’s Professor Talbert will not tolerate yawning in his classroom. And by “will not tolerate” I mean “will bite off your head like a female praying mantis and vomit hellfire down your trachea before allowing you to so much as open your mouth to let out CO2.”


Pop-Culture Cartography of the Day

Following up on Redditor subtonix’s somewhat-controversial map of movies by state, Big Think commenter Andrew Shears of Thinking PseudoGeographically posted a comparable map of states identified by individual TV shows.

Submit your inevitable grumblings below.

Feast For The Senses of the Day

Can you think of a better way to start the day than with a brand new slice of fried magic from dice-master Pogo? His latest, “Wishery,” chops up Disney’s Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs into fine slivers of scrumptious whimsy.