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Celebrity Cellphone Pic Leak of the Day [UPDATED]

A new celebrity cellphone pic scandal may be brewing after highly personal photos of Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn made their way online last night.

A user of the anonymous file hosting site started a thread two days ago asking other users which celeb they most wanted to see nude. Several hours later, seeing the thread produce nothing of value, a second user began uploading private cellphone photos of Mad Men star Christina Hendricks, including a headless shot that contained exposed breasts.

It remained unclear if the photo was in fact of Hendricks.

Later on, risque photos of television personality Olivia Munn, complete with salacious captions believed to be intended for her then-boyfriend Chris Pine, were also posted, likely by the same user.

Personal photos of actresses January Jones, Sarah Silverman, Hayden Panettiere, and Michelle Trachtenberg were also posted in the thread, but did not appear to be as private or scandalous as the ones of Hendricks and Munn.

The origin of the cellphone pics was not revealed.

“Hollywood Hacker” Christopher Chaney, the notorious celebrity cellphone hacker responsible for leaking the now-infamous ScarJo self-pics, was arrested last October and indicted on charges of identity theft and wiretapping among others. If convicted, Chaney could face up to 121 years behind bars.

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UPDATE: Christina Hendricks confirmed through a rep that her phone was hacked, but claims the nude photo is not her. Olivia Munn also denied the solitary nude pic in the set is her, but the others are apparently real.