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Afternoon Snack

Stubs doesn’t let a small thing like a tree stand between him and fetching his stick.

Early Bird Special

Mondays suck — so here’s slo-mo footage of a guy getting hit in the face with a water balloon that doesn’t explode.

Supercut of the Day

It’s not quite as memorable as Wakko’s sing-along, but this compilation of cinematic clips featuring film characters “reciting” the names of all 50 state capitals gets the job done.

Ridiculous Roller Coaster of the Day

Opening this month at the Fuji-Q Highlandamusement park near Mount Fuji, the Takabisha roller coaster boasts the world’s steepest freefall: A gut-melting 121 degrees capable of inducing g-force levels equivalent to those experienced by fighter pilots.

The 141-foot, 62mph drop is merely the cherry that tops a 2-mile-long roller coaster cake filled with seven major twists and turns.

See the Takabisha in action after the jump:

Morning Fluff

Soft kitty / Warm kitty / little ball of fur / Happy kitty / sleepy kitty / purr, purr, etc.

Social Alarm Clock of the Day

TalkO’Clock is a new social network that invites users to offer their wake-up call services to complete strangers, and vice versa.

Just type in your number, plug in the time you’d like to be called, choose the gender of the caller, and go to sleep.

What could possibly go wrong?

A Briton In Los Angeles of the Day

Alex Day (of Alex Reads Twilight fame) and his buddy/bandmate Liam Dryden hop across the pond to Los Angeles, California, where they decide to visit a Walmart.

Culture shockilarity ensues.

Don’t Move of the Day

To promote Cirque Éloize‘s imminent arrival at Birmingham Hippodrome, roving reporter Chris Unitt bravely submits his body to the whims of a quicksilver bicycle stunt.

Got a Takedown on Friday of the Day

Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is off YouTube due to a copyright claim from … Rebecca Black. The “singing” “sensation” is in a legal battle with the song’s producers, Ark Music Factory.

RB alleges that Ark never gave her the master recordings for “Friday,” and they didn’t obtain the necessary publicity rights to advertise her as one of their “artists” and sell ringtones and other Fridayphernalia.

tl;dr: Friday, Friday, got a takedown on Friday. Everybody’s looking forward to the lawsuit, lawsuit.

Earworm of the (Fri)Day

Tonje Langeteig — Norway’s answer to Rebecca Black (who the hell asked?) — doesn’t want to be a crappy housewife, but she’s more than okay with being a crappy everything else.

News Raider of the Day

I don’t know what this gentleman is being interviewed about, but I’d watch a two-hour primetime special on the guy who interrupts him.