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Obligatory of the Day

The inevitable “dog tests the iPad” chaser you knew was coming is now here.

Unlike Iggy, however, Chloe the Corgi isn’t as impressed by the iPad’s ability to perform dark musical magic.

Music Video of the Day

Armed with a bushel of iPhones, a sweet soundtrack, and the human app known as imagination, Israeli indie rock band IZABO set out to film a music video for their latest single, “On My Way.” It just so happens that somewhere along that way, they inadvertently produced the most creative Apple viral video of the year.


Mashup of the Day

Brazilian post-production-enthusiast Leandro Braga spent 13 days watching nearly every film directed by Messrs. Quentin Tarantino and Joel and Ethan Coen. He then selected 500 stand-out scenes and mashed them up into a fine powder.

The result? Something rather wonderful and tripy, rather like a visit to a Brasilian casino while on mushrooms.

Buy This

The Clicker Company’s signature universal remote, the “Clicker,” can control up to 8 digital components, has 12 programmable one-touch system control functions, is compatible with most major brands, yada, yada, zOMG BUILT-IN BOTTLE OPENER.

Remember this day, ladies and gentlemen, as the day human ingenuity officially reached its pinnacle.

OMG! Adrobz of the Day

Cute baby and cute kitten, locked in an epically cute battle to the death by cuteness! Who will be crowned King of Cute City? There can be only one Cutelander! The cuteness is stronger in which one? Are you not entertained by cute things?! Etc., etc. (The “c” stands for “cute”.)

Wolverines Playing Poker

“Wolverines Playing Poker”

Featured in The Amazing Spider-Man #590.

How many Wolverines is too many? Personally I can’t get enough of Wolverine in an internet casino.

Time Saver of the Day

Learn how to do a bunch of things faster with this compilation of shortcut tutorials on everyday activities from shoe tying to egg peeling.