Fail of the Day: Watch a Robot Try to Feed a Dog a Pop-Tart


This $8,000, 58-cm tall humanoid robot can be programmed to do a lot of different things, just don’t leave him alone with your dog. Unbox Therapy has recently been testing out the NAO robot from Aldebaran Robotics with some hilarious results. It can walk around (with some difficulty), recognize you …

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Parody of the Day: Meet the Real Housewives of Westeros


Well that “Game of Thrones” season finale sure was a downer, so here’s a more lighthearted parody to help you battle those Winter woes. There’s a whole lot of drama and backstabbing that goes on in the show, which makes it ripe for a Bravo-style reality TV series. Introducing the …

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Links of the Day: What You Missed This Weekend


A soldier saluted the Queen of England and accidentally smacked a little girl in the process. [BBC] Hulk Hogan is about to body slam Gawker in a lawsuit over a sex tape they posted back in 2012. [NYT] Did you ever want to see Ryu “Shoryuken” Kirby? Nintendo has revealed …

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