Duo of the Day: Daredevil Dog Rides Miniature Horse


Meet Spanky the horse and Dally the dog. Together they are quite the team, performing tricks and cuddling together at nap time. The two were rescued by horse trainer Francesca Carson who taught them everything they know, but it was initially Dally’s idea to hop on the horse’s back. The …

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Tech of the Day: Sony’s New Walkman Costs Over $1100


The Walkman is back! Sort of. But it’s far from the iconic ’80s cassette player and whole lot more expensive. The Walkman ZX2 is the latest iteration of the device which was unveiled at CES 2015 this week in Las Vegas. It’s a high-res audio player that runs Android’s Jelly …

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Animal of the Day: Goat Really Loves Peanut Butter


Goats: They’re just like us! When they’re not hilariously screaming like human beings, they’re chowing down on delicious peanut butter. Here’s Stephie, from the Manning River Farm Animal Sanctuary in Australia enjoying a nice spoonful of the sticky stuff.

Nature Video of the Day: View the Northern Lights in 4K


Ronn and Marketa Murray are a husband and wife team based in Alaska that specialize in nature photography, particularly the Aurora Borealis. They love the Northern Lights so much in fact that they even got married beneath them back in October 2012. The couple recently trekked out with their dog …

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Links of the Day: What You Missed This Weekend


Idina Menzel realizes she may have missed a few notes in her New Year’s Eve performance, but she wants her fans to “Let It Go.” [Billboard] The NYPD continues to turn their backs to Bill de Blasio. [NY Post] Oh deer… this doe got revenge on a hunter who was …

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Scandal of the Day: Selena Gomez Flashes Ankle in Mosque


Here is your first big celebrity scandal of 2015: Ankle-gate. Selena Gomez and friends recently visited Abu Dhabi, and they took some “racy” photos inside the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which has angered Muslims. In a now deleted Instagram pic (above), Gomez is seen flashing her ankle. But that’s a …

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Storm of the Day: Dust Devil Wreaks Havoc at Rose Bowl


A freak storm ripped through the lot outside the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California on Wednesday, ripping tents out of the ground and injuring 4 people (nothing serious). The best part of this video is the confused cow mascot which doesn’t quite seem to know what’s happening or where to …

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