Ad of the Day: These Digital Skeletons Will Give You The Feels


Never before has a bunch of skeletons been so heartwarming. A new ad from the Ad Council shows people of all different ages, genders, races, sexualities, ethnicities, disabilities and religions coming together behind a digital screen. The viewers only see their skeletons at first kissing, dancing and hugging with Mary …

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Art of the Day: Björk Has a Chest Vagina in New Album Cover


Icelandic singer Björk unveiled the physical cover of her new album “Vulnicura” on Facebook Tuesday, and it’s… exactly what you would expect from Björk. The image, which depicts her bending over backwards with a gaping hole in her chest was created in collaboration with L.A.-based artist Andrew Thomas Huang. She …

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Free Money of the Day: Someone at Purdue is Hiding Cash on Campus


If there’s one thing college students love more than drinking themselves silly, it’s free money. An anonymous Twitter user calling themselves “PurdueCash” has kicked off a new game this week to keep students distracted and happy during the remaining winter months at Purdue University in Indiana. “As you know, campus …

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