Acronym of the Day: Chris Christie’s New PAC is Called LMFAO


Some big name presidential contenders are starting to gear up for the 2016 election (ugh), and we’ve already got some hilarious gaffes to enjoy. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie launched a Political Action Committee (PAC) this week called Leadership Matters for America. The website for the PAC is LeadershipMattersForAmerica.Org, aka …

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Interview of the Day: What Would Stephen Fry Say to God?


British comedian Stephen Fry does not believe in God. In fact he is very much against any sort of organized religion. He described himself as a “humanist” in an interview 5 years ago with the Big Think. Recently Fry was recently guest on the Irish show “The Meaning of Life” …

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Sports Fan of the Day: Golden Retriever Really Loves Tennis


George the golden retriever is apparently a huge fan of the Australian Open. His friend Annie is not. Watch how excited he gets bouncing around his living room, as the tennis players bounce the ball around the court. Or maybe he just has a crush on Maria Sharapova?