Music Video of the Day: Top Misheard Song Lyrics of 2014


One of the most popular misheard lyrics of the year is arguably Taylor Swift singing about “Starbucks lovers” in her song “Blank  Space.” New York Magazine looked into the science behind why we hear it, and there are already some coffee parodies. (It’s actually “a long list of ex-lovers.”) But her …

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Crash of the Day: Bicyclist and Deer Collide on Camera


Cyclist Silas Patlove was riding towards Sausalito in California last week, when a deer jumped over the guardrail knocking him to the ground. The entire thing was captured on video through his onboard Fly6 camera, which he uploaded to YouTube. He says he suffered only minor injuries thanks to his …

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Donation of the Day: Someone Gave Human Ashes to Goodwill


Some people avoid buying used clothing at a thrift shop because they think the previous owner may have died in them. Well this story takes that fear to a whole new level. A Goodwill in Lafayette, Indiana discovered some cremated human remains in their donation pile. The ashes were found …

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