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Reuniting With Wolves of the Day

After spending nearly two years socializing wolves in the world’s northernmost zoo, Norway’s Polar Zoo, Anita left for a couple of months. Upon her return, she was reunited with the wolf pack she helped socialize.

This is footage of that reunion.

Electroshock of the Day

Ricky Gervais uses strong electric shocks to condition T4 host Steve Jones to fear him… and it works! Plus I enjoy him getting a little but annoyed 😛

So This Also Happened of the Day

In New Orleans filming Dog Fight, Will Ferrell took a break to announce the starting lineups at tonight’s Bulls-Hornets matchup.

Hornets above, Bulls below:

Strongest Cheerleader In The World of the Day

Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts sits down with Anna Watson – a University of Georgia cheerleader so brawny, she could probably serve as the base for an extension-level stunt in which all the other team members are flyers.

Watch the interview below:

Z-Day of the Day

And so begin the “Z3 epidemic” that quickly sweeps across the world, terrorizing a planet unprepared for its own End Times.

Redditor Vidzilla spent the last two weeks meticulously cataloging the apocalypse “in real-time” by posting mock-screencaps of various websites on a daily basis in an effort to show what it might look like if World War Z took place today.

Follow along as the Internet slowly comes to terms with the threat posed by a mysterious illness known as “Demon Fever.”

International Incident of the Day

International Incident of the Day: A Russian reporter at a press junket attached to the Russian premiere of Friends With Benefits had the gall to ask Justin Timberlake why movies (in lieu of, say, music). A delay in translation kept Timberlake from responding, so his co-star Mila Kunis stepped in to deliver a verbal smackdown in the reporters native tongue.

Why movies? Why not? Kunis, who moved to California from Ukraine at age 7, testily replied. What kind of question is that? Why are you here?

боом! роустед.

Lights Out

The red-light traffic camera company American Traffic Solutions has seen its fair share of red-light running related collisions.

Last year, ATS began sharing footage of those collisions on YouTube in the hopes of convincing red-light runners to change their life-threatening habit.

A National Motorists Association rep responded with skepticism toward the company’s claim that its cameras “change driver behavior and help save lives,” noting that the videos demonstrate how “their red light system doesn’t stop crashes.”

Still, it’s a compilation of a bunch of cars crashing, and since it was approved for release we can only assume that none of the accidents resulted in serious injuries, right? Right? Anyway, here’s a link to the Benny Hillified version of this video.

I’ll see you in Hell.

This x That

Know This:

  • RIP: Dan Frazer, longtime film and TV actor, dead at 90.

Read This:

Look At This:

  • The Big Picture: The Year in Pictures: Part I.

The Other:

Movie Trailer of the Day

Danny Trejo as Epic Beard Man in a movie called Bad Ass that co-stars Charles S. Dutton and Ron Perlman? Good news, guys: Christmas came early this year.

Important Internet Milestone of the Day

It’s official: Rick Perry’s homophobic campaign ad has more dislikes than Rebecca Black’s “Friday” (embiggen), making it the most hated video in YouTube history.

Congrats, Rick. No one has ever deserved anything more than you deserve this.

That’ll Do of the Day

Refusing to be defined by his deformity, a boar born without hind legs in China’s eastern Anhui Province learned to walk on his front trotters.

“It took lots of time and devotion,” said owner Ge Xinping. “But now all villagers love him as it walks like an upside down gymnast.”

Skyrim Antics of the Day

YouTuber zwoooooosh has discovered a reason to get excited about Skyrim that has nothing to do with awesome combat spells or dragonslaying.

It makes sense, though. Who wants to tell the frickin’ Dragonborn not to put baskets on people’s heads?

inb4 so, it’s a hat simulator?

Supercut of the Day

Much like fellow actor Sean Bean, memorable-faced thespian Steve Buscemi plays a lot of people who end up dying.

In honor of his commitment to characters cut short, Supercutter dondrapersayswhat has compiled this collection of clips exploring the Many Deaths of Steve Buscemi.

Rubik’s Cube Juggler of the Day

Rubik’s Cube master David Calvo is known for solving cubes blindfolded and simultaneously solving one in each hand. For his latest trick, he completes one cube while juggling two others.

This man may be our last line of defense against the rise of the cube-solving machines.

OMG! Adorbz of the Day

A finicky flower girl tries to prevent the pastor from spoiling the wedding the ceremony with his incessant talking.

Your New Favorite Flickr Feed of the Day

Nightmares Fear Factory might be “the longest running and scariest haunted house in North America, possibly the world,” but it’s nowhere near as scary as the prospect of ending up on its Flickr feed looking like a frightened fool for the world to see.

A few choice fools after the jump: