Links of the Day: What You Missed This Weekend


At the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday, ‘Birdman’ won Best Picture, Julianne Moore won Best Actress, Eddie Redmayne won Best Actor and Oprah won some Legos. Rudy Giuliani continues to dig himself even deeper into his Obama-doesn’t-love-America hole, with a new op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. [WSJ] The …

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Links of the Day: What You Missed This Week


Khal Drogo is the new Aquaman. [Zack Snyder] John Oliver has only been back on TV for 2 episodes and he is already in a Twitter war with the president of Ecuador and launching a social media campaign against big tobacco. [Last Week Tonight] Some folks in Oklahoma want an …

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Parody of the Day: What If ‘Birdman’ Was About Big Bird?


Sesame Street just got a little more existential. The Oscar-nominated film “Birdman” stars Michael Keaton as Riggan Thomson, who hears voices from the comic book character that rose him to stardom. In this new parody, “Big Birdman (or The Unexpected Virtue of Orange Pants),” Caroll Spinney finds himself in a …

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Photos of the Day: 5 Images Showing How Cold It Has Been This Week


Is it Summer yet? The United States has been experiencing some record cold temperatures recently – particularly the Northeast – thanks to what meteorologists are calling the “Siberian Express.” Because every weather system needs a “fun” name. New England has been getting hammered with snow, and it hasn’t been this …

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Prank of the Day: Guys Wear Squeaky Shoes at Dog Park


Dogs love all things that squeak, so if you are wearing some squeaky toys, they are going to love you. Although their owners might get a little peeved. In this new prank, the guys from JStuStudios head into a dog park wearing squeaky shoes that make the annoying sound with …

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