Tearjerker of the Day: Twins Come Out to Dad on Camera


YouTube personalities Austin and Aaron Rhodes (aka “The Rhodes Bros“) decided to finally come out of the closet to their family and friends in 2015. In this heartwarming video they call up their father, and tell him they are gay for the very first time. There’s a lot of stalling …

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Revenge of the Day: New Service Will Send Your Enemies Glitter


Passive agressives rejoice! A new service called “ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com” launched (and crashed) this week, offering to enact revenge for you by sending packets of glitter and a note to anyone you dislike. The company says their hatred of glitter (i.e the “herpes of the craft world”) is what inspired them to …

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Vine of the Day: Woman Gets Smacked in the Face with a Cake


This one had had to hurt, at least based on the sound it makes when it collides with her face. “She got creamed,” you might be thinking, as well as “This certainly takes the cake.” The moral of the story: don’t drink and bake.

Nature Video of the Day: Hermit Crab Switches Its Shell


It’s moving day for this little hermit crab. New year, new home! British photographer Steve Guntrip recently caught the magical moment on camera. Watch as his pet Pagurus Prideaux slips out of his old shell and into a brand new one. Warning: there’s lots of crab nudity in this video, …

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