Science of the Day: Watch Water Bounce Off a Superhydrophobic Surface


Researchers at the University of Rochester have created a new type of water-resistant metal where drops literally bounce off the surface. They achieved this by using a special laser-patterning technique that adds tiny structures to the material. Most other surfaces that are water-repellant aren’t as powerful and rely on chemical …

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WTF of the Day: Texas Man Deposits 500 Pounds of Pennies


A penny saved is a penny that will eventually be some poor bank teller’s problem. Ira Keys, an 81-year-old man form Texas, has been saving up his pennies for 65 years starting in 1952, and he finally cashed them in last week. There were about 81,600 coins weighing approximately 500 …

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Gentrification of the Day: ‘SNL’ Mocks the New Brooklyn


In case you missed it, this “SNL” sketch about a gentrified neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York was one of the best of the night (in addition to Kate McKinnon’s exceptional Justin Bieber impersonation.) Kevin Hart, Jay Pharoah and Kenan Thompson are hanging out on the corner of the mean streets …

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