Stimulant of the Day: Cocaine Found in German Coffee Shipment


If that cup of Starbucks you’ve been sipping all morning isn’t quite doing the trick, maybe you need to move to Germany. A coffee company in Berlin recently discovered a whopping 73 pounds of cocaine in one of their shipments. The coffee came from Brazil through the German port city of Bremerhaven, …

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Donation of the Day: Someone Gave Human Ashes to Goodwill


Some people avoid buying used clothing at a thrift shop because they think the previous owner may have died in them. Well this story takes that fear to a whole new level. A Goodwill in Lafayette, Indiana discovered some cremated human remains in their donation pile. The ashes were found …

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WTF of the Day: Uber Raises Prices During Sydney Hostage Situation


Oh Uber… The car service is facing scrutiny once again, this time for increasing their prices in Sydney during the recent hostage situation. An Iranian refugee stormed into the Lindt Chocolat Café on Monday, holding patrons at gunpoint in a 16-hour standoff. Uber responded by upping fares for people who were trying to flee the …

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