Links of the Day: What You Might Have Missed Thanksgiving Weekend


We are thankful that this girl (above) doesn’t understand how turkeys are born. [Nerissa Hawkinson] Obama’s daughters appeared less than enthused about the annual turkey pardon, and one GOP staffer publicly shamed them for it. [Gawker] This guy covered his roommate’s entire bedroom in tin foil while he was away …

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Art of the Day: How Famous Painters Do Thanksgiving Dinner


In her new series “Thanksgiving Special,” Hannah Rothstein imagines what turkey dinner might look like through the eyes of some famous artists (Like Van Gogh’s above). She’s also selling limited edition prints of the photos, with a portion of the proceeds going to a local food bank. Basically yes kids, …

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Thanksgiving Song of the Day: All About That Baste


Remember that family that rapped about their Christmas pajamas last year? Don’t want to remember that? Well either way, they are back again and jumping on the Meghan Trainor parodybandwagon, with a song about basting turkeys. Warning: Very SFW.