Links of the Day: What You Missed This Weekend


‘SNL’ took on #DeflateGate in their cold open on Saturday, but Bill Belichick’s actual press conference on Saturday was enough of a joke. [SNL] A potentially ‘historic’ blizzard is about to pummel the Northeast. Get your bread and milk while you still can! [] She’s back… Sarah Palin is “seriously …

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LOL of the Day: Richard Dawkins Reads Hilarious Hate Mail


This is basically “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets,” but starring a well-respected evolutionary biologist and letters from religious nuts. The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science has released a new video from filmmaker Eric Preston in which Dawkins reads some of his most recent “Love Letters” from haters, and they …

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Science of the Day: Watch Water Bounce Off a Superhydrophobic Surface


Researchers at the University of Rochester have created a new type of water-resistant metal where drops literally bounce off the surface. They achieved this by using a special laser-patterning technique that adds tiny structures to the material. Most other surfaces that are water-repellant aren’t as powerful and rely on chemical …

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