Parody of the Day: The Final Episode of ‘Serial’


Fans of the ‘Serial’ podcast are eagerly awaiting some sort of closure in the final episode, which airs Thursday, and it’s a lot of pressure for Sarah Koenig. Who actually killed Hae? What’s the deal with Jay? Is there really no pay phone at Best Buy? Why can’t that girl …

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LOL of the Day: SNL Cast Mocks VH1 in Unaired Clip


SNL has released an bit that didn’t make the cut for last week’s show, poking fun at pretty much every VH1 countdown show ever, and it’s pretty spot on. Called “100 Greatest Guys,” the guests – including host James Franco – offer their insightful takes on some above-average Joes… including …

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Parody of the Day: ‘Leaked’ NYPD Body Cam Footage


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio recently introduced body cameras for the NYPD in light of the death of Eric Garner on Staten Island and the unrest following the decision to not indict the officer responsible. And in case you were wondering what a typical day in the life of …

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