Gif of the Day: This Japanese Train Goes Over 300mph


The Central Japan Railway Company is in the midst of an 8-day testing period for its maglev (magnetically levitated) train, which can travel at speeds up to 311mph. Japan’s bullet trains currently run at about 200mph. One hundred passengers got to go for a ride this week during the first …

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So Kawaii of the Day: Hello Kitty Cafe Coming to LA


New information has come to light in Hello Kitty’s plans for total world domination. The innocent-looking cartoon kitten has penetrated nearly every potential market (she even has her own AK-47) and now the first Hello Kitty Cafe in the United Stated is coming to Orange County, CA, according to LAist. …

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Science of the Day: 3D Display Projects Images in Mid-Air


Japanese researchers at Aerial Burton have developed new technology that can project text and images in the sky without using a screen. According to DigInfo: “The images are constructed by firing a 1kHz infrared pulse laser into a 3D scanner, which reflects and focuses the pulses of the laser to …

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