Links of the Day: What You Missed This Weekend


The Gold Globes in a nutshell: Bill Cosby jokes, Benedict Cumberbombs and Prince! Best Motion Picture, Drama: Boyhood Best Actor, Drama: Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of Everything Best Actress, Drama: Julianne Moore, Still Alice See the full list of winners here. [Golden Globes] Beyoncé tried to steal the spotlight from …

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Accident of the Day: Van Rains Money in Hong Kong


A security van containing over $67 million dollars in cash busted open on Christmas Eve in Hong Kong, accidentally spilling money all over the road. But it wasn’t a Christmas miracle, just a faulty back door. Drivers and pedestrians quickly ran over to pick up the nearly $2 million off the street because… …

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WTF Video of the Day: Crazy Chinese Chicken Music Video is Crazy


Well, here’s your new “What Does the Fox Say.” Singer Wang Rong Rollin’s video for “Chick, Chick” involves chickens and women dressed up like chickens. And most of the lyrics are just animal sounds. What more could you ask for in an insane video from China?