Crash of the Day: Bicyclist and Deer Collide on Camera


Cyclist Silas Patlove was riding towards Sausalito in California last week, when a deer jumped over the guardrail knocking him to the ground. The entire thing was captured on video through his onboard Fly6 camera, which he uploaded to YouTube. He says he suffered only minor injuries thanks to his …

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Storm of the Day: ‘Pineapple Express’ to Soak West Coast


Another day, another strange weather pattern with a crazy name. The West Coast is about to get clobbered with rain in what meteorologists are calling the “worst storm” in years for the area. A Pineapple Express might sound fun, but it’s actually an “atmospheric river” resulting in a deep surge …

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Cute Overload of the Day: Orphan Sea Otter Pup Learns to Swim


Prepare for your heart to explode. An abandoned, 5-week-old sea otter pup was recently rescued in California, fattened up at a local aquarium, and is currently undergoing rehabilitation at Shedd’s Abbott Oceanarium in Chicago. She doesn’t have a name yet – their currently referring to her as “Pup 681″ – …

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