Links of the Day: What You Missed This Weekend


Former meth cook and 1920s lifeboat coxswaine Walter White popped up in Las Vegas this weekend at the Electric Daisy Carnival and asked the crowd to “say my name.” [Rolling Stone] A man in Norway spent 6 years crocheting a map of World 1 from Super Mario 3. Totally worth …

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Links of the Day: What You Missed This Week


Do you wanna build a snowman, again? Disney announced that “Frozen 2″ is officially happening. [ABC News] While a Florida man was drawing penises in the sky, doctors in South Africa performed the first successful penis transplant. [Sky News] Relieved Malia Obama Quietly Thanks Secret Service Agents For Taking Rap …

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Tech News of the Day: Drones are the New Drug Mules


A drone packing methamphetamine crashed in a Tijuana grocery store parking lot Tuesday near the San Ysidro crossing at the Mexico-California border. There were six packets of drugs, each weighing around six pounds on the six propellers of the copter. 6-6-6, obviously the work of Satan. The device was indentified …

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