Links of the Day: What You Missed This Week


Netflix is there for you. The site now has every episode of “Friends” ever. [Netflix] Meet Maxim: The first baby to be born in NYC in 2015! [NY1] It’s official! We are now living in the future, according to “Back to the Future Part II.” But where is my hoverboard …

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Links of the Day: What You Might Have Missed This Weekend


The royal family released new baby pictures of Prince George! And then this happened (above). [Seinfeld 2000] While you worked on those TPS reports, Calvin Harris made $66 million this year playing music as the highest paid DJ in the world. Time for a career change? [Forbes] Angelina Jolie wants you …

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Man Sings ‘Blackbird’ to Dying Son Lennon


This is the saddest story you will hear all day. When his mother died unexpectedly in her sleep, Lennon James Picco was delivered via emergency C-section at just 24 weeks old. The child tragically died as well soon after, but before he did, his father, Chris, sang to him for …

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