Gentrification of the Day: ‘SNL’ Mocks the New Brooklyn


In case you missed it, this “SNL” sketch about a gentrified neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York was one of the best of the night (in addition to Kate McKinnon’s exceptional Justin Bieber impersonation.) Kevin Hart, Jay Pharoah and Kenan Thompson are hanging out on the corner of the mean streets …

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Science of the Day: Why It Smells After It Rains


You’ve probably noticed a strange odor in the air right after it rains, but do you know why this happens? Thanks to a new study conducted by researchers at MIT, we now have a better understanding of the phenomenon. Using high-speed cameras, they discovered that when raindrops hit porous ground, …

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Links of the Day: What You Missed This Weekend


The only good thing to come out of Justin Bieber’s new Calvin Klein campaign is this parody starring Kate McKinnon. “Yo, my pee-pee’s in there.” [SNL] The truth is out there… and so is an “X-Files” reboot. [Deadline] Cristiano Ronaldo is now the soccer world’s most eligible bachelor. [US Weekly] …

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Links of the Day: What You Missed This Week


After 19 days, two men made history as the first people to free climb El Capitan’s “Dawn Wall.” Obama gave them a big thumbs up. [National Geographic] The 2015 Oscar nominations were announced! Just don’t talk about them around Jennifer Aniston. [The Oscars] Attention gays: Nine old people wearing robes …

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Tearjerker of the Day: Twins Come Out to Dad on Camera


YouTube personalities Austin and Aaron Rhodes (aka “The Rhodes Bros“) decided to finally come out of the closet to their family and friends in 2015. In this heartwarming video they call up their father, and tell him they are gay for the very first time. There’s a lot of stalling …

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Revenge of the Day: New Service Will Send Your Enemies Glitter


Passive agressives rejoice! A new service called “” launched (and crashed) this week, offering to enact revenge for you by sending packets of glitter and a note to anyone you dislike. The company says their hatred of glitter (i.e the “herpes of the craft world”) is what inspired them to …

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