Art of the Day: Woman Turns Paintings Into Selfies


  Before there were iPhones, there were paint brushes. Now, Olivia Muus, a designer and marketer from Denmark, has merged the two types of media into something new entirely: the portrait selfie. Surely, this was the original artist’s intent. Via: oliviamuus

Space Tribute of the Day: Ohio State Marching Band Performs Sci-Fi Movie Themes


In an epic halftime show Saturday entitled “They Came from Outer Space,” Ohio State’s marching band covered music and performed skillfully choreographed imagery from some of the biggest space movies including “2001: A Space Odyssey,”Star Trek: Into Darkness,” and “Independence Day.” Via: The Ohio State University

Internet Celebrity of the Day: Alex From Target


Is “Alex from Target” the new Justin Bieber or Nash Grier? For reasons which we may never fully understand, the Internet has turned a photo of a boy working at Target into an international meme virtually overnight. Twitter user @auscalum posted the photo on Sunday, which began trending on Twitter, …

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Road Rage of the Day: Brawl Erupts After NASCAR Race


A NASCAR event turned into a boxing match Sunday, when tensions between Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski escalated into an all out brawl, leaving both racers all bloodied up. Gordon said was upset about Keselowski’s erratic driving during the AAA Texas 500 at Texas Motor Speedway, particularly when he ran …

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Trick of the Day: Weatherman Does Forecast as Skeleton


Is this the best costume of the day? Louisville-based Meteorologist Jude “Bones” Redfield cleverly incorporated the green screen into his costume Friday morning, delivering the weather forecast as a skeleton. And in other news, it’s going to rain in Louisville tonight.

There’s a New Dolores Umbridge Story on Pottermore


JK Rowling has released a new Harry Potter tale for Halloween on everyone’s favorite character to hate, Dolores Umbridge. She also gives us a look at what inspired the character, which as it turns out, is a teacher Rowling once had. If you don’t have a Pottermore account, you can …

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Halloween Links of the Day


Aliens Are Real! Because the Guy in this YouTube Video Says So and The Internet Doesn’t Lie. [RT] As If Ebola and Bed Bugs Weren’t Scary Enough, Now New Yorkers Have To Beware of Getting Impaled By Giant Drill Bits [NY Daily News] Nooooooo! The Horror! The Colbert Report is …

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‘Chevy Guy’ Wins World Series of Awkwardness


Did you watch the final game of the World Series? No? Well, aside from knowing that the San Francisco Giants beats the Royals 3-2 in game 7, this video is all you need to see. Rikk Wilde is a Chevrolet representative who was tasked with presenting the World Series MVP …

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