ICYMI of the Day: There Was a Tornado in LA


No this isn’t footage from a new apocalyptic Roland Emmerich film. An actual tornado touched down in South Los Angeles on Friday, and one man captured it in this curse-laden video. “I’ve never seen anything like that, it was crazy,” said Jamie Mena. “I am shaken up.” No one was …

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Links of the Day: What You Might Have Missed This Weekend


The royal family released new baby pictures of Prince George! And then this happened (above). [Seinfeld 2000] While you worked on those TPS reports, Calvin Harris made $66 million this year playing music as the highest paid DJ in the world. Time for a career change? [Forbes] Angelina Jolie wants you …

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Recap of the Day: Updates from the Sony Hack


Update: Thanks to Sony, another eccentric fat man will be in everyone’s living room this Christmas. In addition to a limited theatrical release, “The Interview” is now available online as a rental for $5.99 on YouTube, Google Play, Xbox and on SeeTheInterview.com. You can also purchase it for $14.99. “It has always been Sony’s intention …

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LOL of the Day: SNL Cast Mocks VH1 in Unaired Clip


SNL has released an bit that didn’t make the cut for last week’s show, poking fun at pretty much every VH1 countdown show ever, and it’s pretty spot on. Called “100 Greatest Guys,” the guests – including host James Franco – offer their insightful takes on some above-average Joes… including …

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Hero of the Day: Man Saves Duck from Ice


This duck will live to see another day, thanks to a kindhearted fellow from Norway. The heroic feat was documented in series of photos on Imgur. According to the post, the man saw the duck struggling in the ice, when he jumped in to rescue it. His beard is pretty epic …

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Protest of the Day: Londoners Sit on Faces to Fight New Porn Laws


Crowds gathered in London Friday morning to protest new regulations banning certain sexual acts from porn films, including spanking, excessive whipping and face-sitting. Hence the bizarre scene outside of Parliament today. According to organizer Charlotte Rose: “There are activities on that list that may be deemed sexist, but it’s not …

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Fail of the Day: How Not to Escape Duct Tape


Nathan Arnett was watching a video on “the YouTube” over at “the Walmarts” on how to escape when your arms are bound together by duct tape. So he decided to try it himself. With one simple move, you go “straight down” and you’re free! Or not. Well it worked for …

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Links of the Day: What You Might Have Missed This Week


Greenpeace stomped all over a sacred site in Peru. [The Verge] Irony of the Day: A car crashed into a NASCAR fan’s house, destroying some of his memorabilia. [FOX Sports] Mark Zuckerberg gives thumbs down to a “dislike button.” [Forbes] You know that rubber-duck shaped comet we landed on? Well …

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Parody of the Day: NASA is ‘All About That Space’


To raise excitement about the Orion launch, the Pathways Interns of NASA’s Johnson Space Center put together this music video set to Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Base.” Because that’s what you do when you have time to kill while waiting for a spacecraft to travel to deep space and …

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Tech News of the Day: Instagram is Now Bigger Than Twitter


Things just got real in the battle for social media domination. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom announced in a blog post Wednesday that it now has over 300 million users, sharing more than 70 million photos and videos each day. By comparison Twitter reported 284 million users in its most recent …

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Viral Video of the Day: Twin Babies Confuse Toddler


Landon just can’t seem to wrap his little head around this one. Sitting between two identical twin babies, this kid is all like… WTF? How is that possible? Imagine what it’s going to be like when he sees “The Shining” for the first time.

Animal of the Day: Elephant Plays in Sprinkler


Faa Sai the elephant was recently rescued from a life of labor and now lives happily at the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in Thailand. Here is the young pachyderm playing in a sprinkler, and then breaking said sprinkler because a beast this big needs a bigger stream, obviously. Post by …

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Storm of the Day: ‘Pineapple Express’ to Soak West Coast


Another day, another strange weather pattern with a crazy name. The West Coast is about to get clobbered with rain in what meteorologists are calling the “worst storm” in years for the area. A Pineapple Express might sound fun, but it’s actually an “atmospheric river” resulting in a deep surge …

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Reincarnation of the Day: Bruce Lee is Back in Afghanistan


A 20-year-old man in Afghanistan nicknamed “Bruce Hazara” has become somewhat of an internet sensation because he looks a lot like martial artist/actor Bruce Lee. He has posted a bunch of photos on his Facebook page in various poses mimicking Lee and has hopes of being just as famous. “I …

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