Impression of the Day: Marcel the Shell Does Stevie Nicks


Jenny Slate had a brief stint on SNL before moving on to some new projects including “The Kroll Show” and and a series of bizarre short films about a tiny talking one-eyed shell called “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.” In case you missed it, she was on “Conan” this week, where she revealed …

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Don’t Try This at Home of the Day: The Turkey Slurpee


Snapchat superstar Shaun McBride (aka “Shonduras”) is famous for his amazing artwork using the app. This video is part of a recent #10SecondTalentShow series he posted on his account, with a girl performing “The Turkey Slurpee.” No, it’s not a meaty beverage, but something much stranger.

Stimulant of the Day: Cocaine Found in German Coffee Shipment


If that cup of Starbucks you’ve been sipping all morning isn’t quite doing the trick, maybe you need to move to Germany. A coffee company in Berlin recently discovered a whopping 73 pounds of cocaine in one of their shipments. The coffee came from Brazil through the German port city of Bremerhaven, …

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Music Video of the Day: Top Misheard Song Lyrics of 2014


One of the most popular misheard lyrics of the year is arguably Taylor Swift singing about “Starbucks lovers” in her song “Blank  Space.” New York Magazine looked into the science behind why we hear it, and there are already some coffee parodies. (It’s actually “a long list of ex-lovers.”) But her …

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Crash of the Day: Bicyclist and Deer Collide on Camera


Cyclist Silas Patlove was riding towards Sausalito in California last week, when a deer jumped over the guardrail knocking him to the ground. The entire thing was captured on video through his onboard Fly6 camera, which he uploaded to YouTube. He says he suffered only minor injuries thanks to his …

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Donation of the Day: Someone Gave Human Ashes to Goodwill


Some people avoid buying used clothing at a thrift shop because they think the previous owner may have died in them. Well this story takes that fear to a whole new level. A Goodwill in Lafayette, Indiana discovered some cremated human remains in their donation pile. The ashes were found …

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Athlete of the Day: Wrestler Asks Autistic Fan to Prom


Here’s a nice, heart-warming moment to help restore your faith in humanity. At IWA Midsouth’s “Big Ass Christmas Bash” last week in Indiana, wrestler Ace Perry had a surprise for his number one fan Amanda. The high school junior who has autism, has been to every one of his matches …

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Technology of the Day: The U.S. Navy Has Shark Drones


The U.S. Navy has unveiled a new robotic shark called GhostSwimmer that can swim underwater to perform intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. Eventually, this undersea nightmare will even be weaponized. It’s 5-feet long, weighs 100 pounds and can go as deep as 300 feet below the surface. “It swims …

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Parody of the Day: The Final Episode of ‘Serial’


Fans of the ‘Serial’ podcast are eagerly awaiting some sort of closure in the final episode, which airs Thursday, and it’s a lot of pressure for Sarah Koenig. Who actually killed Hae? What’s the deal with Jay? Is there really no pay phone at Best Buy? Why can’t that girl …

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Mother of the Day: Brothers Get Surprise Call on CSPAN


Brad and Dallas Woodhouse are brothers, but one is liberal and one is conservative. This makes for some great TV (at least in terms of CSPAN programming). But what makes this clip even better is that their mother calls in to yell at them for fighting. “Oh god, it’s mom,” …

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