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X-Men Family Tree

Infographic of the Day: X-Men Family Tree

Infographic of the Day: “The X-Men Family Tree” by Joe Stone

Stone says:

A little Illustrator-drawn infographic I’ve been playing around with. I probably could have included more characters, but I had to draw the line somewhere.

About That New Zodiac Thing of the Day

About That New Zodiac Thing of the Day: So the moon caused the Earth to wobble and now everyone is up in arms because their astrological signs have supposedly shifted.

Except this is nothing even remotely new: Heres a NASA article from 2005 listing these same exact dates that are now being peddled around as game-changers. According to the article they are merely the real dates when the Sun is between Earth and each of these 13 constellations

Also: Astrology isnt real.

Also Also: Scorpio 4 lyfe.

Life-Altering Cereal Box of the Day

Fulton Innovation demonstrates its revolutionary “intelligent cereal box,” which uses metallic-ink-based circuitry to animate the packaging, as well as communicate with nearby computers (to determine expiration info, etc.).

Hacked to display porn in 5… 4…

DIY of the Day

DIY of the Day: There are no instructions to speak of and hardly any build shots, but if you wish it hard enough and your heart is pure, the secrets of the Lightercycle will reveal themselves to you.

Future Darwin Award Recipient of the Day

Some intrepid soul used kerosene and a birthday candle attached to a wire to turn a water gun into a flamethrower so you don’t have to.

(Seriously: DO NOT.)

DUI of the Day

Matt’s dentist wanted to know why he chose CarAficionado24 as his YouTube handle.

Once the anesthesia kicked in, the reason became rather apparent.

Looks like Kim Kardashian and her Digital Death compatriots aren’t doing so well. With less than an hour to go on the East Coast before World AIDS Day becomes International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, the shameful ploy to demand cash from fans in exchange for fatuous tweetsappears to have bombed in a rather spectacular fashion.

The most notable thing to emerge from this experiment is how, in the span of 24 hours, with millions upon millions of followers among them, these celebs were only able to collect about as much money as one of them makes in a minute.

Hey famous people, here’s an idea: Instead of using your limelight to shuck cash off common Internet folk, maybe you pull out your gilded checkbooks and donate the million dollars out of those fortunes happenstance so graciously awarded you.

Oh, and don’t you dare come back online before that insensitive coffin fills up. You owe those poor kids that much.


Life-Altering Traffic Light Design Concept of the Day

Life-Altering Traffic Light Design Concept of the Day: While incredibly strightfoward in its benefit over the existing arrangement, Thanva Tivawongs Sand Glass LED traffic light design has gone incredibly unrealized since I first found out about it five minutes ago.

Get to it, traffic light people!

Source: Yanko

Signal 2 Signal 3

Slight Overreaction of the Day

Cornell’s Professor Talbert will not tolerate yawning in his classroom. And by “will not tolerate” I mean “will bite off your head like a female praying mantis and vomit hellfire down your trachea before allowing you to so much as open your mouth to let out CO2.”


Pop-Culture Cartography of the Day

Following up on Redditor subtonix’s somewhat-controversial map of movies by state, Big Think commenter Andrew Shears of Thinking PseudoGeographically posted a comparable map of states identified by individual TV shows.

Submit your inevitable grumblings below.

Feast For The Senses of the Day

Can you think of a better way to start the day than with a brand new slice of fried magic from dice-master Pogo? His latest, “Wishery,” chops up Disney’s Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs into fine slivers of scrumptious whimsy.

Couch Gag of the Day

Tonight’s episode of The Simpsons, MoneyBART, featured a dark, disturbing couch gag storyboarded and directed by Bristol-born street artist Banksy.

According to Wooster, this is the first time “an artist has been invited to storyboard part of the show.”

Banksy took a swipe at the Simpsons’ signature chalkboard gag when he visited New Orleans in 2008.

UPDATE: Fox took down the YouTube clip (natch), so I’ve updated the embed with Hulu’s code. Apologies to our International readers, who may not be able to view it.

UPDATE 2: Hooray! The YouTube embed is back up with Fox’s blessing. (thanks eric!)

Only in America of the Day

West Coast sub shop chain “Cheba Hut” challenged sandwich lovers in Oregon to smash away 32 oz of ranch dressing for a chance to win $300 and free subs for a year.

Everyone lost of course!

Source: Eater