They’re Just Like Us of the Day: Celebrities Also Love the ‘Serial’ Podcast

Did you know Ewan McGregor is a super huge “Serial” fan? What about Sarah Silverman, Jason Sudeikis, Rashida Jones and Chris Pine?

Vanity Fair spoke with a bunch of celebrities at the Sundance Film Festival to see if they listened to the popular true crime podcast and find out what they thought about the case.

McGregor says he “loved it” and has the most to say out of the bunch. He even donated via text message to help fund Season 2.

“I had to make my coffee first,” he says. “And I would sit, and just focus on it, and listen to every single word.”

Check out the video to see if he and the others think Adnan Syed is actually guilty or not.

Rashida Jones wants answers, Sarah Koenig.

“Who knows,” Jones says. “Will we ever know?”


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