Say What of the Day: Jeremy Renner Comments on JLo’s Golden Globes

Jeremy Renner went a little off-script on Sunday night at the Golden Globes when he was presenting an award with Jennifer Lopez.

She said she would open the envelope because she had the nails for it, and Renner added “you got the globes, too.”

Watch the “thugified” version of the moment above.

Reactions were mixed, with some people applauding him and others mocking him for being immature.

And here’s Renner’s response to the criticism on Twitter:


  1. FFS… What’s the big deal? J-Lo didn’t want people to notice her bewbs, then J-Lo shouldn’t have shown SO much cleavage. Men are dogs. Get over it.

  2. Woman shoes nearly half of each breast. Man makes a joke about it. Man is the immature and sexist one. You wear something that makes it look like a breast could fall out at any second, then you deserve to have jokes made about you.

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