Mashup of the Day: DC Comics Covers Mimic Movie Posters


DC Comics has announced that its variant covers in March 2015 will be inspired by some iconic Warner Bros. movies.

And that means a whole lot of weird worlds colliding.

These will include everything from the Justice League stripping down in “Magic Mike” and Aquaman trying to “Free Willy” to boy wizard Robin hanging out at Hogwarts and one “Super Fly” Superman.

Here is a look at some of the new covers, and you can check out the rest at DC Comics.

AC_Cv40_movieposter_var_580_548b4c92472ee0.47822927 AQM_Cv40_movieposter_var_R2_580_548b4d208ab7a7.92927683 BM_Cv40_movieposter_VAR_580_548b4d9159bbe1.77521981 BMROB_Cv40_movieposter_580_548b4dd16da414.65033245 CTW_Cv40_movieposter_VAR_580_548b4e9807ecd7.49733837 DTC_Cv40_movieposter_var_580_548b4f10e68661.51648201 FLS_Cv40_movieposter_var_580_548b4f54962706.20337867 GL_Cv40_movieposter__var_580_548b4faef16269.77705037 JUSTLD_Cv40_movieposter_var_580_548b53bcbcd711.10927648 SMWW_Cv17_movieposter_var_580_548b5519a84bf9.57511086


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