Light Show of the Day: There’s a Ghost Ship in Amsterdam


The Flying Dutchman is real, and it’s in Amsterdam.

As part of the 2014/2015 Amsterdam Light Festival, a group of visual artists from Transylvania called VisualSKIN have projected a 3D image of a 17th century ship in the waters of a canal.

The “retro-futuristic hologram” consists of two intersecting projections onto perpendicular planes of water, and when the wind blows, the ship and sails move making it extra creepy.

The ghostly image is based on the real life Dutch East India Company ship called “The Amsterdam,” which was wrecked in a storm in 1749.

It is located in front of the Amsterdam Center for Architecture (ARCAM) and the National Maritime Museum and can be viewed through January 18, 2015.

Just watch out for ghost pirates.

Via: Designboom/Janus van den Eijnden


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