Apology of the Day: Best Buy Sorry for Insensitive ‘Serial’ Tweet


Best Buy has apologized for a Tweet the company sent out Thursday in an attempt to ride the wave of popular “Serial” podcast.

In case you haven’t listened to it yet – which you should – the show from the creators of “This American Life” is a week-by-week investigation into the details surrounding a murder that took place in Baltimore in 1999.

Warning: some minor “spoilers” ahead.

Adnan Syed is in prison, charged with his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee’s murder, and part of the case involves him using a payphone at a Best Buy parking lot.

The problem host Sarah Koening discovers is that there never was a pay phone at Best Buy.

“We have everything you need. Unless you need a payphone. #Serial” the store posted.

The crime is said to have taken place in the parking lot as well, so it’s in a bit of poor taste on Best Buy’s part to make light of the situation for corporate promotion.

“Serial’s” account retweeted it – among may others – before it was quickly deleted.

They eventually said they were sorry.


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